Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Heritage Studies continued

Thornton Abbey continues to fascinate, and I’ve stumbled across two further details and would like to find time to look properly at such things.

First, the crown above the statue of Our Lady on the west front of the gatehouse (included in the a picture posted on 26th August) is identified as a rare representation of the Trinity. The dove representing the Spirit is clear sweeping down towards Mary, in fact bringing the crown from God the Trinity towards her. Above it on the right is the crowned figure of the Father, and above it on the left (now weathered away so far as to be unrecognisable? or have I misread the detail viewed from so far away?) was the figure of the Son this time crowned with thorns. The statue is therefore quite a traditional Coronation of the Virgin.

Secondly, the detail about the Dean of the Reformation Collegiate Church isn’t quite as I remembered it from the display board when posting on 28th August about its history. Roger Dalyson DD is recorded as being a residentiary Canon at Lincoln as serving from 1555 until 1565 when he was ejected (certainly deprived of residence, perhaps also sacked as Precentor?) for recusancy and failure to pay 'Tenths' to the Queen (in other words as someone who continued to practice or reverted to practice as a Catholic).

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