Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A second blog

Putting all this stuff out on the internet is probably much more self indulgent than it is faith promoting. But (having discovered how easy it is to run a blogspot site) I’ve just started a different one as a access point to the parish’s different approach to Family Services in 2009, which may have more of a point to it. It is at www.firstsundaything.blogspot.com. The picture of the weathervane at the top of St Michael’s tower is part of it.

The challenge to do something like these blogs came at one of the periodic residential conferences for all the clergy of the diocese held at Swanwick in April where the focus was on our use of this sort of technology. I’m aware that several of us started a blog as a response, although I’ve settled for mine being a diary for my own benefit which, while it is open for others to read, may not be what the speakers at the conference were really getting at.

The sorts of people who might be interested in the First Sunday Thing are as likely to look for information about it on the web as anywhere else, so posting something new about it each week may be more what the conference organisers were actually on about.

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