Tuesday, 19 May 2009

God be in my head

I keep finding this prayer stuck up in kitchens and propped up on mantlepieces around the parish; I noticed several in the last couple of weeks. They are there because I’ve handed it over or stuck it through the door with my phone number or some short message (if only ‘I’m sorry you weren’t in when I called’) written on the back.

I wish I could claim that there was some careful strategy behind providing people with something extra many of them evidently value keeping. In fact I think I simply acquired the habit because I couldn’t afford to have my own calling cards printed when I was a Curate. Having a small supply of them tucked in my diary simply seemed an easy way of having something of the right size and rigidity on which to scribble such notes. I've gone on doing it for twenty five years once I discovered they were often being kept.

I’m grateful to http://www.westbrookcards.co.uk/ for supplying them.

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