Saturday, 27 June 2009

Financing buildings

I fear that the buckling window is an indication of where the next headache will come.

Just as the sudden need to spend £20 000 on St Nicolas’ south aisle roof threatens to undercut the major appeal there to fund a new heating system, so any discovery that St Michael’s has to spend £10 000s on the windows along its north wall would not only distract us from the task of finding the significant sum it needs to redecorate but also would seem an unfair ‘extra mile’ after the £300 000 or more we’ve spent on the roof, reordering, disabled access and facilities in the last few years.

Nevertheless, the low evening sun was doing interesting things with it before a Bible Study on Thursday evening which is when I took this picture .

My other thought about all this during the week was on hearing the sad news of a cancer cluster which appears to have arisen in one of the roads nearest St Nicolas'. It is a while since the possibility went away of putting a mobile phone mast in the tower there (which would, of course, have established an extra funding stream to enable work on the building had it gone ahead) and I just wondered what would have been said now if the installation had proceeded then.

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