Friday, 21 May 2010

In Jena again

Each candle on the Communion table at the Stadtkirche in the centre of Jena last Sunday is for one of those confirmed there that morning, including a godchild of mine. It was wonderful to go out for the service and, having travelled the distance, to stay for most of a week, enjoy time with him and his family, renewing acquaintance with Jena and Weimar, and discover new things in Dornberg, Erfurt and Saalfeld.

One of the possible sets of readings for Morning Prayer on the days after Ascension Day (the set which I’ve followed while away) is a preparation for Pentecost. The very first was Moses pointing out that the gifts Bezeal and Oholiab have for building God’s sanctuary- intelligence, knowledge, craftsmanship, artistic design, skill at cutting and setting jewels, ability at carving and teaching - are from the Spirit . So my brief contribution to the Confirmation celebration lunch was a wish for the creativity of the newly confirmed whether with his hands or with his words or with his kindness.

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