Friday, 11 June 2010

Lincoln College, Oxford

Three things we greatly enjoyed finding on our trip to Oxford. The grave of an ancestor who was Mayor in 1839 and 1847: Thomas Mallam's father became a Freeman in 1788 (which is the date on the signs at Mallam's Auctioneers in the city today) and his son became a solicitor in 1858 (which is the date HMG Law, which still operates from the Tudor building opposite what was All Saints' church and is now Lincoln College's Library, gives for its foundation; the M stands for Mallam). A quotation from Francis Bacon's On Masques and Triumphs on the wall of the College Chapel. A detail from the magnificent east window in the Chapel: Jonah being brought up by the whale is again used as a symbol of the resurrection (the thrashing of his tail is causing quite a storm for the ships behind him); each of the lower lights of the window has an Old Testament scene as a 'type' of the Gospel scenes above it.

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