Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fowler restoration

St Nicolas’ appears to have had a clerestory and a south porch ahead of the major restoration in 1865 (at least, I assume that is when the changes were made, as I also assume other changes were made at the time including the insertion of a plaster mock chancel arch which was then taken out in about 1900).

The first picture is part of a late eighteenth century drawing which shows clerestory and porch as well as a very irregular roof line. It can be compared with the picture of the church posted earlier in the month where the tower in particular shows no change and the general shape of the nave, south aisle and other windows are the same.

I’m sorry not to have discovered any paperwork about the Fowler restoration, and can’t think why he would have chosen to eliminate either clerestory or porch. I also regret not knowing whether there is a connection with the present position of the indent of a missing brass which is where the south porch would have stood (was it in the porch? or did the stone on which it stands get repositioned there when the porch was removed? or was there some other sequence of events?).

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