Monday, 30 May 2011

Glass full

The steady drizzle has fallen all Bank Holiday morning and does not give any hint of giving way. I haven’t quite recovered from a few days in which I allowed too many call centre conversations (for everything from a leaking toilet cistern to a misfunctioning Sky box), funerals, hospital call outs and weddings to crowd out even a Day Off. Now I open up my on-line banking to find that someone has repeatedly used my bank card number to lift £1200 or more from my account over the course of the last couple of weeks.

We have the rain we need, and it falls in the gentle persistent way which does most good. Help is usually available at the end of phone line. I have access to everything from a secure safe water supply to multiple forms of modern communication and media. I’m employed, and appear to be in demand to do worthwhile things. We saw these orchids in Roxton Wood when I did have Day Off last weekend. I’ve got the money I need, and someone is there to be helpful at my bank’s fraud department even on a Bank Holiday.


Anonymous said...

I so needed to read this at the end of my own challenging few days. Thanks for the reminder that you don't usually have to look far to see the blessings. Love to all - Lynn B. x

Peter Mullins said...

Greetings, Lynn. I was the one needing reminding, but I'm glad it helped you over hear what I was reminding myself. We hope all is well with you (despite the recently challenging days).