Friday, 17 June 2011

Shouting at MPs

It gets worse. The MP responsible for links between the Church of England and Parliament writes in today’s Church Times acknowledging that Lambeth Palace sent the full text of the Archbishop’s editorial to every MP but opines such sharing of what he really said is ‘no good’ because it is ‘what is heard that matters’. So it is inevitable that any attempt at careful complicated engagement will fall into the ‘no good’ category, and all malicious circulators of out-of-context sound bites and all third-hand commentators on those distorted perceptions will fall in the ‘what matters’ category.

The headline and thrust of his article article says ‘don’t shout at us’, but he doesn’t seem to have made the obvious connection. He also doesn't reflect on where the approach of shouting at one another as an appropriate approach to political discourse may be most clearly observed.

Meanwhile, the orchids along the Cleethorpes sea front are in full bloom and we enjoyed a walk among them earlier this week.

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