Monday, 9 April 2012

Less water, more trees

A hose pipe ban has began, and the reason why is clear from this pair of pictures of Kingston Wood by the water tower on the edge of the parish.  The top picture was put up on this Blog on 19th March 2010 when there was concern that the rising water table was damaging the area.  The bottom picture was taken last week, just over two years later.

Meanwhile, a contributor to Rod Collins' website has found this old postcard image of St Nicolas' (and of the Grange next door).  This is clearly number 3 in a series of which the image of a monument  in St Michael's churchyard put up on this Blog on 13th March 2010 was number 5 (so I'd dearly love to be able to find numbers 1, 2 and 4, and possibly numbers 6 onwards).  The bottom picture is the 'same view' yesterday.


Elizabeth said...

This has brought back some lovely memories of our time in the area and preaching to what was then a very tiny congregation at Great Coates Methodist church. I seem to recall that Barry told me it has now closed - is that right?

Bizarre57 said...

Hi Elizabeth! Good to see you "here". Great Coates Methodist is indeed closed and has been converted into a dwelling house. If you have opportunity, do have a look at Rod Collins' website, where he and Peter (and others) have been doing some wonderful detective work concerning the ancient moated manor which we believe once stood next to St Nicolas and which moat is still part of the features of the churchyard.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you,Barry, I'll take a look at that - it sounds fascinating.

As you know, my memory is not good and I can recall little, but I do remember what kind, good-hearted folk they were at Great Coates...and how cold the chapel was. I hope that it had good heating installed before it became a residence!