Thursday, 24 October 2013

Destruction in 70 AD

It turns out in the 1970s that housing which was very near the Jerusalem Temple in the First Century was uncovered underground; it may have been home to those who worked in the Temple (there is certainly excessive provision for ritual washing), and is as close as one might get to touching the world of the time of Jesus.  It carries remarkable direct evidence of the Roman destruction of the Temple and the city forty years after Jesus' resurrection.  This mosaic (which strictly avoids animal or human forms, actually unlike many synagaogue mosiacs) was discovered under a layer of charred ceiling wood, and, among other things a coin dated 69 AD fixes things precisely.

Here are scorch marks on another floor near by.  The historical accounts of how fierce the fires were are reflected in this.

And on a wall also close by.  I had no idea this sort of evidence existed until we went down there today.

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