Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Random 2

I can't remember exactly where this stand-off was situated.

There are a number of these postboxes left from the time of the British control of Palestine 1917-48, and the 'GR' sometimes remains, has sometimes been rubbed away, or sometimes, as in this case, is partially visible.

Acts records a crowd chanting 'Great is Artemis of the Ephesians' for hours, and this is she.

St George again, this time on a village wall, but then he was a Palestinian himself and is as much its patron saint as anyone else's.

Looking across at the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem.

'We refuse to be enemies' - one of the most important photographs of all.  The stone stands at the entrance to a farm in the West Bank a short distance south of here; the farm is surrounded by Jewish settlements and has been threatened with demolition for a long time.


Joy Davis said...

'Great Artemis' looks like a rather large ice cream cone...made me smile

Peter Mullins said...

Doesn't she just!