Thursday, 20 March 2014

Playing in heaven

"The heavenly city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets there of."

After fourteen years, I am still finding things in our churchyards which are new to me.  This is a text on the grave of a nine year old child.  It is Zechariah 8.5 almost as in the Authorised Version (the word 'heavenly' has been added), which would have still just been the only version in regular use when the child died in 1966 (albeit fourteen years after the Revised Standard Version appeared).

I only found it because I was looking at the wording on every neighbouring grave in what is almost a separate glade in the north-western corner of St Michael's churchyard when I was seeking to identify a different grave into which a family wish to bury an additional set of cremated remains.

I began to wonder how the parents (I presume it was their choice) knew or were directed to the text, and what it meant to them to place it here.  I also almost startled myself with the thought that he was born only three years before me, so he too would have been in his mid-50s today.

Both thoughts are common place. I'm not quite sure why they both struck me with so much force this time I had them.

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