Friday, 27 November 2015

Thy kingdom come

One in five Moslems in this country (or rather, one in five of 1000 particular practicing and non-practicing Moslems responding on the spot to a particular set of loaded questions) agree with the statement “Western liberal society could never be compatible with Islam”.
I am as shocked as everyone else in the country by this. 

Why is the percentage so small?  How can 80% of Moslems possibly think that Western liberal society is compatible with Islam?

Are there any Christians out there at all, for that matter, who think that the consumerist, individualistic and exploitative assumptions all around us (however often unconsciously absorbed by us) could ever really be compatible with Christianity? 

Why do we bother praying “thy kingdom come” if any of us think that the Western liberal society is the standard by which we want the will of God for our lives and world to be measured?


Joy Davis said...

Sad isn't it? The 'worlds' standards are not compatible with a life following the mores of Christ.

How many Christians enjoy the consumerism/materialism of the "Black Friday" shopping

Peter Mullins said...

I hadn't noticed that I'd posted this on commercial Black Friday. Well spotted!