Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Bronte grave

We attended a wedding in Scarborough yesterday.  An older couple, both previously widowed, were married at St Mary’s, up by the Castle.  One of her children spoke at the reception afterwards about the way he knew the couple were serious when he saw them giggling together like teenagers.  He said he’d always imagined eventually ‘giving away’ his own teenage daughters and giving a speech at their weddings, but he’d never imagined he would do so for his mother.  All very special.

We are preparing to move to the parish where Patrick Bronte was once the incumbent, and where he is buried alongside his daughters Charlotte and Emily and most of their family.  It was, therefore, also a lovely coincidence to be able to visit the grave of Anne Bronte, the one sister not buried at St Michael’s, Haworth but instead buried at St Mary’, Scarborough.

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The Rev. Scott A. West said...

Dear Mr. Mullins,

Thankfully after a bit of searching, I'm writing to introduce myself as the rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA as Christ Church and St. Michael and All Angels Church, Haworth have had a companion relationship for about 30 years. Parishioners from both churches have made the trip to be with one another during this time, and most recently the Rev. Peter and Eileen Mayo-Smith came to Blacksburg and stayed with me for about 10 days. Christ Church's choir and I traveled to Haworth almost three years ago. I hope we can continue the close relationship we have felt, and I do look forward to getting to know you and your wife. I would very much appreciate hearing from you, and so I would like to pass on my email address: I do hope the move to West Yorkshire will go smoothly. Blessings during this Eastertide.

Faithfully, the Rev. Scott West