Friday, 26 May 2017

Haberdashers' Company Prize

As if one prize were not enough, one of the City Livery Companies is awarding Deborah a further prize for outstanding performance in stitched textiles.  The Company of Haberdashers consider each year choosing one of the City & Guilds Medal of Excellence winners for an additional prize.  They have chosen Deborah this year.  Wow! 

We were already booked to go to London in the middle of June for the City & Guilds award ceremony.  We are now also booked to go to St James’ Palace a week earlier (a few days after we move) where the Princess Royal will give her the Haberdashers’ prize. 

The pictures are lifted from her Facebook page where she has posted a series about a developing fun piece which is a response to a local challenge to use a different stitch a day.  The pictures are an overview on Day 98 and a close up (the star stitches at the centre were newly added) on Day 150  in ‘a year in a hoop’.

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