Monday, 12 June 2017

More than sun and cake

Don't be totally taken in by the sun in our new back garden yesterday afternoon.  The weather round here does appear to change quite often: there were drops in the air when we walked to church in the morning, sunshine when we came out, rain during lunch, this view in the afternoon, and drizzle again in the evening.

The church service was Mass at the Our Lady of Lourdes, Haworth.  Full of people of most ages, a formal yet relaxed liturgy, an effective sermon, a friendly welcome and a quite astonishing quantity of cake at refreshments after the service.  We plan to be at one of the local Baptist churches next week and one of the local Methodist churches the week after, before beginning work.

Meanwhile, we are almost straight within a week of moving in (even with a day trip to London for Deborah to receive her prize from the Princess Royal - who asked each recipient in turn informed questions about their work without appearing to consult any notes) with the only glitches being in getting computer network up and running properly.

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