Monday, 10 July 2017

Twelve days in

I’ve been meeting all ages at St James’, Cross Roads whose ‘usual Sunday attendance’ is about two dozen but who will also pray with at least as many toddlers, Primary School children and mothers at Toddler Praise and Friday Church each week.
I’ve been including at Matins prayer requests picking off from those left by hundreds of visitors on the prayer tree in to St Michael’s, Haworth, and the tree was cleared after the service yesterday morning as these requests were all distributed round praying members of the congregation.

And at St Gabriel’s, Stanbury yesterday a third of the congregation at the Book of Common Prayer Communion resolved themselves into a Gospel Choir and followed the service with enthusiastic performance.

Meanwhile Cross Roads Village Gala (at whose procession the pictures were taken), Haworth’s ‘Poetry at the Parsonage’ event, Stanbury church’s annual Fun Dog Show and Bradford’s Literary Festival means I’ve been at everything from a workshop led by the poet Kei Miller who I admire to listening to Keertan Rehal sing Sikh prayers.

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