Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Developing views

I was in Lincoln Cathedral yesterday for the first time in six months and found the long planned work has been completed to furnish the area around St Hugh's shrine as a centre of worship rather than as a vast empty retro-choir space.  There are hints of a sheepfold about it.  I also found  a new willow-creation of St Hugh's swan by the shrine (look out on the left of the picture).  

Meanwhile, leaf-fall has also subtly changed the view from our shower room window in Haworth.  We can now just make out the chimneys of the former  mansion (now the Youth Hostel) on the horizon; the mill-owner would have looked down on the housing developed on the brown-field former mill site below.


Viv Rowett said...

Hi Peter, just discovered your blog - I will be reading it often, so please do keep on! Best wishes, Viv Rowett

Mark Sandford said...

Hi Peter
As always I find your blogs interesting informative and sometimes thought provoking. Keep up the brilliant work you do.
With prayers

Peter Mullins said...

Thank you both. I hear such good things, Viv, about your lecture at Bradford Cathedral last month. I'm think a lot, Mark, about you all at St Nicolas' as the Team Rector advert appears again.

Joy Davis said...

Those chairs are glorious, indeed, sheep fold like and very fitting

Peter Mullins said...

They support the back beautifully as well, Joy, which is a further bonus of the design.