Saturday, 17 February 2018

BFTA again

I put up three photos on 8th February when, on our first full day back in Bethlehem, we had been to meet staff at the Bethlehem Free Trade Artisans (from whom we've imported in the past) at its new headquarters and developing 'craft village' at Beit Sahour (which neighbours Bethlehem and is the home to 'the Shepherd's Fields', hence the subject of the sculpture in one of those photos).

So here is another photo from one of the workshops which they took us to see, and a quite different subject at another centre to which they took us (clicking on the photo to enlarge it will help).  The third new photo links to the second, although taken later in the week from the top of the new building being developed for the Alrowwad Centre in the Aida Camp in Bethlehem, because of the greenhouse on the roof in the centre of the picture (rather than because of the separation wall in the half distance).

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