Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Hope deferred

Garth Hewitt performing in St Michael's on Sunday night, praying and encouraging prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.  An inspirational evening, but the Director of the Amos Trust (which Garth founded) now blogs with quotations from two of the most prominent workers for peace, one Palestinian ('I have no more hope - Jerusalem, Gaza, Israel at war with Iran - the young people despair and will become more extreme') and one Jewish ('It is not about hope... you just wake up in the morning and do the right thing'). 

The Churches Together Pop-Up Shop on Main Street, Haworth opened today.  The shop owner goes on holiday for a few days each year to allow this major fund raising (and awareness raising) event all this week.

A picture taken through the vestry window at St Gabriel's just before the service on Sunday morning, here for those who travel in places made dark by the shadow of death.

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