Thursday, 29 January 2009

Cleethorpes ghost

I appear to have taken a photograph of a ghost in St Aidan’s, Cleethorpes. It wasn’t what I was trying to do at all. The clues to what is really going on are the tinge of gold in the colouring and the fact that the words at the top of the board in the background are in reverse. The picture is actually of the etching of a soldier of the Great War on a highly polished brass tablet, so highly polished that the church interior is reflected in it. The effect is accidental but quite striking.

What I wanted to do when I happened to be there yesterday was to take pictures of three Great War brass memorials. They include period wording and unusual details (of which the soldier is one and the outline of an early aeroplane is another) but, at this first attempt, the reflections in them have defeated me. The artificial light and the mirror image of me and my camera were problems quite apart from the reflections of the church interior.

I’ll go back on a day with more natural light equipped with a blanket to shield the reflections to see if I can capture them properly. Meanwhile, the apparent ghost is all I have to offer today.

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