Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hints of Spring?

It is hard to have any hope about the situation in Zimbabwe, but the latest message from the parish we support there is just a tiny touch less depressing than the previosu one which I posted here on Christmas Eve.

I feel our prayers in Zimbabwe should be ‘What shall we do?’. It seems no one has the answer. I have seen big shops in the countryside and even in town closing down. People in the countryside who used to make a lot of money selling vegetables and fruits are now as poor as a church mouse. The money they have is no longer wanted in the country. You even find a billion dollar note on the ground because it is worthless. In the shops they don’t allow Zim dollars.

We in Zimbabwe can have the best answer if we can all pray the the prayer of Nehemiah as it is written in Nehemiah 1.4-11. He begins verse 4 "when I heard the news I sat down and wept". In verse 6 he continues "I and my fathers house are also guilty for we have wronged thee". I think praying and confession is the answer to our country’s needs. We have to accept that nothing is impossible in the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May the almighty Lord bless you and all who continue to meet our needs in the difficult situation we are facing. My wife and our family as well as myself are sending our love and best wishes for this New Year and we hope it will be a turning point for our country. We also thank God for the rains. People are also happy with the maize seed. God Bless.

The photograph was taken in St Nicolas' churchyard this morning.

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