Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Love is...

‘I always thought I’d be the one who died first,’ a widower said to me last week (he’d been seriously ill several times in the years before his wife died) ‘but now I’m glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t have liked her to have been as sad as I am’.

The pictures are both in St Nicolas’ churchyard. First, at the southern end, where the variety of spring flowers which people have enjoyed since almost the beginning of the year are just beginning to be overtaken by the dandelion and over growth which will look so untidy while we leave the wildflowers to set seed before cutting back at the end of May. Secondly, at the northern end, where a second burial took place last week in the new area for cremated remains which the widower of the first person buried has been mowing repeatedly for us to help establish a lawn.

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