Sunday, 19 April 2009

New Life

Having had most of nine and a half of the last fifteen days off, and having lived through Holy Week and Easter Week again during that time, you would have thought that I’d pick things up today refreshed and regrounded. The picture of the new born Coot and his parents (which we spotted on Thursday in a tucked away spot which is right at the centre of the parish) ought to represent all this.

But the cumulative effect of looking again at all the things I put aside as Holy Week was about to begin and all the things which have accumulated in the fortnight since then (no single one of which would have a chance of outweighing the effects of relaxation and reinspiration) do seem just a little too dispiriting and dominating than they should on what ought to be a joyful Second Sunday of Easter with all the potential of a new Term beginning tomorrow.

I wish there were not quite the number of things in both deanery and parish which I promised myself (and, in many cases, other people) ‘I’ll do when space opens up after Easter’, and just one of the new things on my desk is a letter from the church’s architect who has now been to look at the south aisle roof at St Nicolas’ and recommends substantial work there. I’ll make a list, which always proves the most tempting displacement activity when there seems too much to do.

First, to worship. Last night we went to Doubt with Meryl Streep’s award nominated performance as a 1960s nun and school Principal who moves against her parish priest certain but unable to prove that he is grooming an altar boy for abuse, as good a preparation as any for being subtle about today’s scriptures (‘we declare to you what we have looked at and touched’ and ‘unless I see and touch I will not believe’), and indeed then for tackling what is on the list.

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