Thursday, 20 January 2011

Encountering Easter

The wood of the trees cut down because of disease is not sound enough for carving. It is quite an obvious conclusion now that the tree carver points it out to us. But carving features into living trees (a possibility which hadn’t occurred to us at all) could be on our agenda; only a small portion of the bark would be effected. We’ll need an early bit of consultation with the Archdeacon and someone from the relevant Diocesan Advisory Committee in case this idea bites the dust too. We looked at this site - on the far side of the churchyard as one enters but straight ahead; we’d need to shift the bonfire site from between the trees (which we ought to have got round to doing before anyway), and I favour something which doesn’t ‘shout’ but which emerges for those who approach with perhaps the figure of Mary Magdalen on the left and an angel at the entrance to the empty tomb on the right. Meanwhile, we’d need to take other advice about whether tidying up the stumps which eyesores can be done within the budget we have.

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