Sunday, 13 February 2011

George Skelton painting

There is a painting of St Michael's in an upstairs room in the Fishing Heritage Centre. It isn't one I remembering coming across before.

I noticed it when at a meeting last week and took this photograph of it (or rather, of me taking a photograph of it). It was simply labelled 'Church - George Skelton'. It appears to be part of the local authority's collection; a couple of pictures by Herbert Rollett (see a post here on 14th February 2010) were also hanging in the same room.

It must have been painted at about the same time as the picture posted here on 13th October 2010. The identifiable gravestones and the absence of others pins the date down to about 1890. The huge bush growing in the space between aisle and nave also looks like being at the same stage of growth as in the other picture.

The view from this angle helps bring out how the roof of the nave of the old church was heightened when the new part of the church was built in 1913-5; before this change in pitch the line of the roof of the anve and of the aisle was continuous.

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