Saturday, 19 February 2011

Approaching Lent

My ambitions to do something creative with the dead trees in Bradley churchyard are not progressing quite as smoothly as I'd hoped.

First, I posted the idea that the dead tress could be made into something new and thus be a parable of the Easter possibilities which surround all our failures. This bit the dust when the carver said the dead wood couldn't be carved.

Then, I posted the alternative idea (developed with the carver and some District Church Council members on his visit) that a pair of living trees might be carved to disclose an Easter Garden. This received provisional support from the Archdeacon, but not it turns out from some of the other members of the District Church Council who were not present when the idea was developed.

And now, even the very minor related act of moving the bonfire pile to a less prominent position has resulted in one of the dead trees catching fire and now looking even worse than it did before hand. (This is the tree in the centre of the picture posted on 16th January, but here seen from the opposite side.)

Heh, ho.

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