Monday, 5 August 2013

Another break-in?

A temporary repair to the south window in the chancel at St George's, Bradley where it appears a burglar removed both the mesh and a whole window panel to gain entry; this would be third occasion in my time here that a window has been damaged in this church in this way, and, when the facts and details are established, it is possible that once again the cost of the repair will be far higher than any costs involved in losses from the apparent break in itself.  Meanwhile, some of the the villagers have contributed during July for the first time to a church-based collection of tinned food for the Daily Bread Community Larder in Grimsby, so, as it happens, the church had been doing its part in seeking to support those in greatest need locally at the same time.

We spotted this thatcher at work in Ashby St Ledgers in Northants when visiting my mother, and observed the way the visible thatch is all made up put of the ends of stalks.  Meanwhile, today's Independent highlights nationally what I had been about to post from the local experience of the new 'bedroom tax'.  The number of householders who have had benefits reduced because of having a 'spare' bedroom in the two Wards of this parish alone far exceeds the number of one and two bedroomed properties in the whole of North East Lincolnshire available for such people to move into and thus make their larger homes available for others and reduce their own rent.  What is troubling is that the property-owning (perhaps even thatched property-owning in some cases) politicians responsible for this situation knew this before they embarked on all this.  Nobody will be surprised if things like the use of food banks and the frequency of church break-ins increases as more and more families are pushed into debt.

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