Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Church growth (2)

Still not insightful or rantful (or, more strictly, publishably rantful), but here at least is what it looked like arriving at St Nicolas’ for Matins yesterday.

Shortly after the service we heard Leither Taylor had died during the night in St Andrew’s Hospice - expected news which brought that strange combination of deep sorrow and relief, regret and thanksgiving.  A member of St Michael’s congregation for over forty years, she was a woman of determination and of multiple kindnesses.

I mentioned last week a decade of twelve newly confirmed adult members of St Michael's, eight of whom had been present there the previous Sunday.  I now set alongside that the knowledge of Leither among at least a dozen any eight of whom we might have expected to see there on any particular Sunday ten years ago.  We give thanks on every remembrance of them.

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