Thursday, 3 April 2014

Church growth

The view of and through the young weeping ash in St Michael's churchyard early yesterday.

I have no particular insight or rant to add to the pictures this week.

I enjoyed Tony Benn's reported advice 'never to wrestle with a chimney-sweep'.

The revised proposed legislation to enable women to be ordained as Bishops came to our Diocesan Synod at the weekend; substantial time has been set aside for the debate but an initial show of hands for potential speakers revealed nobody really wanted to talk further (two clergy from the same deanery did graciously about the other with whom they disagreed); in common with the half of the dioceses which have already voted, there was then substantial agreement.  The cumulative totals across the dioceses are now 1107 in favour and 143 against.

Two new members of St Michael's were confirmed last night; a dozen adults (with an average age of 65) have been confirmed from the church over the last ten years, eight of whom were among the fifty worshippers there on Sunday morning.

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