Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Pope arrives in Palestine

... and the first thing he did was get out and pray resting his head against the separation Wall.

But our attention to Palestine continues simply to be the drip-by-drip evidence of what has been called its ‘slow motion annexation’.  The headline evidence was the Israeli Government’s continued permission for the building of settlements within occupied Palestine through the whole of the recent ‘peace process’, and the way extremists exact what they call a ‘price tag’ of retribution if the Government does anything to make it look as if it is faltering in doing so.  The heart-rending evidence this week has been the destruction by the Israeli military of more than one and a half thousand apricot and apple trees on one Palestinian farm (which happens to be somewhere we visited in October) despite it being internationally well known and despite court action in progress to prevent this; a picture of the farms ‘we refuse to be enemies’ stone was here and the pictures above come from the same visit.

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