Sunday, 1 June 2014

Our Lady of Lincoln

This statue was dedicated yesterday.  The extreme south-eastern chapel of the Cathedral has been cleared for it, so it stands at the end of a view along the whole of the outside of St Hugh’s Choir, and it mirrors the Lincolnshire Saints (St Gilbert’s pots and St Hugh’s Head Shrine) in the north-eastern chapel visible in the distance in the third photograph.

The dedication of the Cathedral is ‘The Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln’, and there are images in different forms all over the building (and around the city) but hitherto there has been no particular focus.

The sculptor (Aidan Hart, an Orthodox Christian) is also an icon writer, and this is reflected in the design of the image although it is actually worked in Lincolnshire stone.

Among the things he spoke about yesterday was the way in which eye contact is made with Christ while Mary’s gaze is over the viewers head and into the distance.

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Joy Davis said...

Thank you for the photographs Peter. Deborah was trying to describe this to me on I can see what she meant!