Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lyveden New Bield

A few miles beyond Fotheringhaye and Nassington is a remarkable survival of an Elizabethan / Jacobean mansion on which building suddenly stopped in 1605 on the death of its owner, Sir Thomas Tresham.

There are all sorts of obvious reasons why it might have been expected to be demolished but in fact only the wooden floors seem to have gone, leaving a clear view of how the building was structured.

A frieze along the line above the first floor windows gives the Arma Christi (symbols of Christ's Passion) which have fascinated me here and  here before, and which reveal Tresham's Catholic commitment.

And what I haven't pictured here is the number of Red Kite we found riding the thermals all around, almost as good a treat as finding the house itself.

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