Tuesday, 11 August 2015


A couple of miles from Fotheringhaye, the oldest house in the county, and among the oldest in the country.  It is on the site of a Saxon hall and the main part of the building is still clearly an old hall.

Indeed, inside it is quite apparent how some more modern living spaces have been configured within it without quite losing the sense of the original single space.

Of additional interest to me is the fact that it is a Lincoln Prebendal Manor.  Each of the Canons of Lincoln holds a particular stall (prebend) which carries the name of the land with which it was once endowed.  I am 'Prebendary of Clifton', with predecessors who took income from some fields near the village of South Clifton on the Trent.  The Prebendary of Nassington did better - there is a large Tithe Barn in the Manor grounds in which he stored some of what came into him.

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