Saturday, 6 August 2016

Children and cherries

The large cherry tree just south of the entrance to St Michael's churchyard has appeared here before, as have the grouping of children's graves  beneath it including a particular one from 1926 here.

But I hadn't thought to try harvesting any of the cherries before until I saw someone else doing so this week.  Apparently all cherries are edible, although those from ornamental trees are likely to be small and have disproportionately large amounts of stone - all the case with these ones as it turns out.

The grave in the background of the last picture is this one, that of two year old Raymond Bishop from 1926.

And here his burial is entered in the register  we still have (the picture will enlarge if you click on it), the middle one of a run of five children who died in just over a month.  The George Somerville Letten immediately above him was the grandson of the George Somerville Letten who featured here recently, and is the only one of the five not to come from the cluster of terraced houses around Little Coates School.  The John Davis above them is the one whose grave (neighbouring Raymond Bishop's) had drawn my attention before.

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