Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Last week it was images of Great Milton church near Oxford, in which my Mallam ancestors were baptised and around which doubtless many of them are buried.  This week, I'd like to write about how the diocese of Lincoln is handling the placing of Curates and the nurturing of training incumbents, the appointment of Vicars and the building of collaborative strategy with their parishes, and the eptidude and pastoral care with which it communicates a selection of this, but it seems as wearisome to try to do so as to write yet again about the apparent hopelessness of political discourse from Brexit to Gaza.  So a single picture instead.  A year ago, I was gathering fallen walnuts in St Nicolas’ churchyard and making ink from them.  This year, I’m simply observing (from the extensive debris along each path and through much of the grass) how much the squirrels have been enjoying them.  As always, clicking on the picture enlarges the image.

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