Saturday, 13 March 2010

Passing the time

The monument to Docea Chapman in St Michael's churchyard has been mentioned here before (put 'Chapman' into the Search at the top of the page if you want to) and now my wife has found this postcard on eBay. It illustrates as clearly as anything can the way in which a hundred years ago St Michael's was in the middle of the countryside; the census ten years before Docea Chapman died gives eleven dwellings in the parish. The smudge on the horizon to the left may be Grimsby (we calculate it is on the correct bearing for St James'). The building on the right is Littlecoates Farmhouse which was the largest of the eleven dwellings and is now the main building for Grimsby Golf Club. We wonder whether the higher ground immediately to the left of the Farmhouse is Toot Hill in the process of being quarried for sand for building (which would be the white blobs), a process which was well under way ten years after she died.

We've also been tracing the line of the South Field Drain (mentioned here at the beginning of the month) and we find that this inspection cover in the middle of Littlefield Lane by the entrance to Landeck Avenue is a place at which you can actually hear it most clearly rushing along beneath you. This drain and another meet Piper Creek a short distance north, from where water flows on with Shaftesbury Avenue and Marklew Avenue built on top of Piper Creek and Marshall Avenue and Haycroft Avenue on top of the West Marsh or Haycroft Drain.

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