Sunday, 28 March 2010

Still as poor as before

From St Nicolas', this picture is from a few weeks ago; we hope that a blacksmith will be along to repair the churchyard fence perhaps in the next few days.

From St Michael's, the messages we have had most recently from the parish we support in Zimbabwe include these bits which we've extracted for our Easter notice sheet:

The maize we planted is doing well and most people who received the seed say so. If the rains continue we are going to harvest something. Please don't forget us in your prayers.

From a short report about our country by Inclusive Government one would think that the situation has changed but families are still as poor as before if not worse. Parents fail to feed their children, the schools have failed to open as teachers are demanding a living wage, and our country still has no money of its own.

Around G most of us will have a good harvest but it is sad that most of people in N District their crops are a write off as people did not get enough rain in their fields.

Thank you for the wonderful donation which you sent. Without your great help we wonder where we will be by now. May God bless you all.

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