Monday, 22 March 2010

To fell and to plant

The Council has been back to remove the stump of the tree it cut down a little while ago at the entrance to St Nicolas' churchyard...

... and has also unexpectedly been busy planting a new hedge along the green on the lay-by outside the entrance to St Michael's churchyard.

The green is part of a large field (called Chapel Field) which was part of the Farm bought by the Golf Club in the 1920s, a corner of which was bought by the Council in (I think) the 1950s to straighten the road.

Both St George's and St Nicolas' remain responsible for the management of the trees within their churchyards, although neither has the money or plans which would be needed to do things like further work to tidy up felled horse chestnuts at St George's or begin on some tree management work which some people would like at St Nicolas'.

And the question of the ownership of at least part of the lay-by (which is the route of the road before it was straightened) remains unresolved; the Council official who last wrote to me on 28th September was going to write back to me once some more research had been done but hasn't yet done so.

Watching these things oughtn't to concern me, but they do in fact add to the gnawing low grade background fear I have about which area of unexpected expenditure is going to hit one of the churches next.

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