Monday, 17 February 2014

More snowdrops

Can you have too many pictures of the snowdrops coming through in St Nicolas’ churchyard?  Probably.  But seeing the sun on them yesterday morning meant I couldn’t resist.

The names of Mary and Richard Garness stands out particularly clearly on the gravestone right of centre.  He died in 1824. 

Noticing this has sent me back to two notes I made a short while ago from the eighteenth century Sutton Estates papers about Great Coates flood protection:

31st October 1788 (when Richard Garness would have been 26)  – “Paid Matthew Garness for white cliff stone 540 tons & repairing at the Humber Bank - £88 10/4”.

 7th May 1793 – an inspection revealed the bank “… appeared to be in tolerable repair… there was one place (where the bottom of an old boat was crammed in to repel the tide) that seemed to me to require… reparation”.

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Joy Davis said...

Walked past St George's this morning...all the snowdrops in the church yard...masses of them. Unfortunately had left camera on kitchen table so will have to return later in the week to take photos.