Sunday, 16 February 2014


The maintenance of the churchyard at St Michael's, Little Coates is the responsibility of North East Lincolnshire Council (local authorities are responsible for all churchyards which have been legally 'closed') so the members oft he congregation here have one less thing about which to worry.  A short while ago it did a lot of clearance work particularly on the southern boundary where trees were beginning to interfere with the neighbour's roof.

Meanwhile, I was thinking again with someone yesterday about the names given to the new housing areas developed within the parish since The Willows was begun in the 1960s.  Working clockwise round the map, there are half a dozen 'new' double barrelled names: Aylesby Park, Wybers Wood, Church Meadows, Freshney Green, Cambridge Park and Laceby Acres.  In each and every case the first part indicates the immediate or more distant neighbour: Aylesby village, Wybers Wood itself, St Michael's Church, the River Freshney, Cambridge Road and Laceby village.  But in each and every case the second part probably gives away where the urban developer thought the new residents would actually have preferred to live: in open acres, green, meadows, park (twice!) and wood.

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