Friday, 14 February 2014

Thistle Field

From time to time, I've been tracking the development of the Little Coates fields into modern urban Grimsby (including this post) so the sale of the large site on which the buildings of the long closed Western School sits is worthy of note - an estate of 400 or more houses will appear on what was in part the Thistle Field


Joy Davis said...

Do we really need 400 more private houses? Certainly don't need another "Scartho Top" isolated estate here. Turning it into the football stadium would be a much better idea

Peter Mullins said...

Looking again at the link to the older post, I see that 9000 new homes were projected for North East Lincolnshire in the next twenty years, so planners do think people will want to buy them! I think the reasoning behind this particular development would then be that 400 homes here will be one less field of houses between us and Aylesby or Healing in the not too distant future. Having the new Blundell Park on our doorstep is an interesting alternative suggestion however - and would certainly help the season ticket holder in this house - but I think the football club has already made clear any future site must be able to take the major commercial 'enabling development' and I'm not sure the planners would want to bring major new retail into this bit of town.